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Dog Grooming Noosa

We are long time dog owners and professionally trained dog groomers who are committed to the humane delivery of expert dog grooming services. Each dog will receive our services in a clean, safe and friendly salon. Dog Grooming Noosa was established in 1997.

 Dog Grooming Noosa – What to Expect

Dog Grooming Noosa - Dog Bath

  • From the first contact with us you will experience our commitment, care and concern (and sometimes humour) for our canine friends.
  • We will be diligent in our quest to meet you and your dog’s grooming needs. We ask questions.
  • We negotiate suitable time and day for you to bring your dog to us.
  • We gather information.
  • We meet with the dog and discuss requirements and possible issues.
  • We endeavour to have a relaxed environment for all concerned.

Dog Introductions

  • We introduce the dog to the salon environment.
  • WDog Grooming Noosa - Pampered Doge do the agreed job.
  • Many cuddles may be required along the way, definitely a cuddle at the end.
  • Then we offer water and take the dog outside for a walk in the sun. Dogs often need to toilet after grooming because of the stimulation that has occurred.
  • We try to stagger arrival and departure times so dogs and owners don’t get stressed by too much activity.
  • We make an ongoing appointment and send out reminders.

Dog Condition and Behaviour

Dog Grooming Noosa - Dog Condition

  • A report on the dog’s condition and behaviour with recommendations to assist any problem areas.
  • There is off street parking in a designated parking spot just outside the front entrance. Please bring the dog in with collar and lead.
  • It would be great that you have taken your dog for a walk beforehand so toilet needs are met and the bowel and bladder are comfortable.
  • It is preferred that food is withheld prior to grooming.


Easy Handover of Your Doggy Friend

  • Dog Grooming Noosa - Easy HandoverIt is best not to make a fuss when you bring the doggie in. Just quietly handover to staff, discuss requirements and then leave. It’s best not to say goodbye.  A lot of dogs experience separation anxiety and may wind themselves and other dogs up. You will be given a time to pick the dog up. If you are delayed a courtesy call is always appreciated.
  • Arrangements can be made for long day stays for those who work. Don’t fret we will entertain our four legged friends and the time will fly until they see you again they won’t even notice how long it has been.

Handling Potentially Aggressive Dogs

Handling Potentially Aggressive Dogs

  • Unlike most others groomers we accept aggressive dogs just so long as you are not expecting a perfect job. We will do what we can under the circumstances.
  • I make it a practice not to muzzle dogs as I think this upsets them more but sometimes I have to.
  • In 12 years I have only muzzled three dogs.
  • It does cost more because it takes longer and most times it requires two staff.
  • We like the challenge of trying to win them over.

Puppies and Frail Age Dogs

Puppies and Frail Age Dogs

  • We make special arrangements for puppies and frail/aged dogs so to ensure the best possible experience.
  • Clean, comfortable, safe and friendly. Everything is in place to apply for accreditation. Meeting the standards of the Pets Industry of Australia Association.

Dog Grooming Noosa – Location

Our salon is located in at 13 Heritage Drive, Noosaville.

Please phone (07) 5442 4366 for an appointment.

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